Newton Highlands

Walkable Community

Newton has great potential for having walkable neighborhoods throughout the city. Newton originally developed with many walkable areas. Villages grew up around rail and trolley lines. While there were some homes further from the villages, most homes were built within walking distance of a village with transit access and stores.

This pattern is a great basis for a more sustainable, climate friendly city.

What are the benefits of a more walkable city?

More affordable housing could be built with multifamily homes.

More community connections would be made with more public gathering spaces.

Increased use of the investments in public transit in Newton if more people could live closer and have easier access to that transit.

Better integration of transportation options including public transit access and car and bike share options along with well-designed safer access for people walking or biking.

Less need for cars if more people lived closer to amenities such as corner stores, restaurants, activities for children and adults, or personal services.

Better options for non-drivers, reducing the need for parents or other family members to drive children everywhere.

Fewer car accidents involving pedestrians and bikers with additional traffic calming and safety features in villages.

Improved economic viability of villages as pedestrians linger longer and shop more than people who drive.

Improved community fitness and health with more places within walking or biking distance.

Newly planted street trees would benefit more people.

Save money and lower greenhouse gas emissions if one doesn’t need to own a car.

Less expense per household for the city for street maintenance, plowing, and water and sewer lines.

New housing in Newton Highlands, MA with smaller units next to T-stopLower greenhouse gas emissions per capita with smaller units and higher energy savings from living in a multifamily home.

With lower parking minimums and improved parking management and shared parking, less land would need to be paved over for parking lots.