Image from “How the US made affordable homes illegal” 


Review of Minimum Parking Standards

City of Ottawa. Brief introduction to the downsides of parking requirements. (1:25)

Four Harmful Myths About Housing Affordability

Housing Canada.  A look at why building any kind of housing will help affordable housing; how supply and demand actually do apply to housing markets; there is a place for both rental and ownership housing, and a look at investor-owned housing. (7:01)

Get On Board for Transit-Oriented Communities in CT

Desegregate Connecticut, 2022. You could just replace the word “Connecticut” with “Newton” as the story is almost the same. (2:15) 

Segregated By Design

Most of us have heard about redlining but have you heard about all the other ways housing was segregated by design different government housing and development policies? This video is based on Richard Rothstein’s book, “The Color of the Law.”  (17:42)

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Not Just Bikes, 2021. American car dependent cities and suburbs are financially insolvent, and function like a Ponzi scheme. This is the reason most American cities are bankrupt. (9:38)

How to Make our Cities More Walkable

Jeff Speck, 2021. For a more in-depth look at developing a sustainable and walkable city. Covers many of the ideas that Newton is using to create a more walkable city. (48:14)

Cruel Musical Chairs (or Why Is Rent So High)

Sightline Institute. At the most basic level, when there aren’t enough homes, prices will keep rising. And when there are plenty of homes, it helps prices stay down. It’s like a huge game of musical chairs. (1:52)


How Suburban Sprawl Weighs On The U.S. Economy

CNBC, 2022 (13:12)

How the US made affordable homes illegal

Vox, 2021 (9:41)

The Disturbing History of the Suburbs | Adam Ruins Everything

Humorous video covering similar topics as Segregated By Design. (6:19)

Climate Town, 2023.


Podcast: Why Housing Is So Expensive — Particularly in Blue States

The Ezra Klein Show. 2022. Urban economist, Jenny Schuetz breaks down America’s housing crises, the policies that could fix them and the politics standing in the way. Listen to the podcast or Read the transcript.