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City of Newton Resources

City Council

Zoning & Planning Committee: Responsible for reviewing zoning changes, inspectional services and planning. Eight member committee with one councilor from each Ward.

Land Use Committee:  Responsible for the special permit process for large and small projects and for reviewing zone changes. Eight member committee with one councilor from each Ward.

City Council Weekly Online Friday Packet: Agendas, reports and important backup materials relating to the Council’s business the following week.

Planning Department’s Weekly Friday Report.  Includes descriptions of the agendas for upcoming meetings of council committees and housing-related city boards and committees. Click here to sign up for the weekly newsletter.

City of Newton Electronic Posting Board: Agendas and links to upcoming meetings of many of Newton’s commissions.

Contact Information for the City Council and Planning Department.

Newton Planning & Development

Newton Planning & Development Department

Village Center Zoning: Webpage designed to keep people up to date on the zoning process. Includes many related documents for background.

Zoning Board of Appeals: Reviews the Chapter 40B developments (40B is a state law to encourage more affordable housing.)

NewGov Public Records Search: Search properties by address for permits filed and all related documents.

Special Permit Records: Includes both current and archived.

Newton Assessor’s  Database: Detailed information on every lot in Newton including zoning, lot and building size, ownership and assessed value of the property.

Planning and Development Board: Reviews and holds public hearings on land use and zoning issues including public hearings on the Five-Year Consolidated Plans for housing and community development.

Economic Development Commission: Reviews new developments -with a focus on the impact on both local tax revenue and city services.

Historic Preservation Commission: Decides whether a building should be preserved due to historical significance and reviews and approves changes to historic structures.

Urban Design Commission: Reviews and makes architectural recommendations on larger development projects.

Community Preservation Committee: Manages the CPA funds which are dedicated to housing, historic p­­­reservation and open space.

Newton Climate and Sustainability Team and Plans: Works to implement Newton’s Climate Action Plan ensuring new development meets high energy efficiency standards.

Urban Tree Commission: Works to protect and enhance Newton’s tree canopy.

Newton High Interest Projects: Direct links on the Planning Department’s website to documents related to larger developments both recent and in the pipeline.

Newton Plans, Policies & Strategies: Direct links on the Planning Department’s website to plans for housing, economic development, climate action and more.

Zoning Reform Key Documents 2011 – 2023: Links to memos, presentations, research, maps, engagement materials over the years.

Housing Specific Programs and Committees

Newton Affordable Housing Trust: Formed in 2022 to create a streamlined process to provide funding to preserve existing and create new affordable housing units.

Newton Housing Partnership: An advisory body to the Mayor, City staff, City Council, Boards, Commissions, and Committees on Newton’s housing needs, policies, programs, zoning and specific proposals.

Newton Fair Housing Committee: Promotes and supports Newton’s efforts to be a diverse and welcoming community with housing choices and opportunities free from housing discrimination.

WestMetro HOME Consortium: A coalition of 13 towns that provides grants and loans for affordable housing from the Federal HOME program.

Newton Chapter 40B Safe Harbor Memo, August 2022

Newton Zoning and Land Use Ordinances