Angier School mural detail

A Welcoming and Equitable Community

Newton prides itself on being a welcoming community, however, the reality is that we have a long way to go to become a truly diverse community.

Newton can be a place for everyone

  • For empty nesters and older adults who wish to stay in Newton but want to downsize.
  • For people who work in Newton, such as teachers and other city employees, faith leaders, and workers in our local businesses so they can live in and be a part of the community they serve.
  • For younger adults who want to live in the community they were raised in.
  • For people who need accessible homes and single floor living.
  • For people who are just starting families and families who want room to grow.
  • For adults who can live independently yet need supportive services.
  • For people who are struggling to stay in their homes because costs are getting prohibitive.

More Housing, More Affordability

For Newton to become a welcoming community for all, we need to expand housing opportunities at a range of price points including a range of sizes of multi-family homes, two-family homes and single-family homes, accessory dwelling units, and shared housing arrangements.

Our city’s scarce housing supply, which is only becoming more and more expensive, continues to keep households of low and moderate income from both renting and buying in the city. High priced and exclusionary housing markets continue to keep people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people from communities like Newton due to the low supply of homes.

Most of the new affordable housing in Newton is in mixed-use, mixed-income developments because Newton has a strong inclusionary zoning ordinance.

Through advocacy for increasing Newton’s housing supply at a variety of price points, we can make Newton a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming place to live.

Mural at Angier School